iWantaSpa Gift Certificates Defined

iWantaSpa is doing more for professionals in the health and wellness industries than any other company. And the best part… it will cost you less than everyone else too! Maybe that’s why we work with so many professionals!

iWantaSpa advertises clever illustrated videos along with other printed materials all over the country in an attempt to sell gift certificates on behalf of professionals like you! We figure, if you’re successful, we’ll be successful. They’re incredibly easy to verify and redeem too!

Professionals agree to accept and honor gift certificates at full face value for products and services, the same as cash. Each professional will have an account where they can log into online or through our free app to validate gift certificates. Simply enter in the gift certificate code or scan the QR code with the app and a check will be mailed off the next business day on your behalf!

Bronze and Silver members will receive 85% of the gift certificate in the mail. For example, these members will receive $85 for each $100 gift card they redeem.

Gold members will also receive an additional 5% for gift certificates sold from their own website or their own app. For example, gold members will receive $90 for each $100 gift card they redeem.

iWantaSpa handles the advertising, credit card processing, security, fees and batching charges all associated with processing credit cards online.